I brought in my Toyota XLE For estimate & Repair. owners went over the Damages. 3 Days later might car looked as if there never had any damages & very reasonable. Definitely I recommend this shop Excellent workmanship & very honest.

Jose Castellanos
San Francisco, CA

A wooden box hit our Acura MDX on the highway, doing considerable damage to the driver’s side front bumper and side panel. I was referred to Accurate Auto Body by J&S Auto, who I trust completely. They fixed our Acura very quickly. It looked great.

Eugene P.
San Francisco, CA

Always excellent work, always on time. I’ve had the misfortune of needing to go there several times. They always do great work and return the car looking good as new. Prices seem to be reasonable, the staff is very professional. Going here makes the best of the unfortunate situation of needing body work.

Nicholas E.
San Francisco, CA

Great place and great prices. We had to take the family van here twice within 48 hours because of pure bad luck. As soon as we got the van back after being fixed from a big rig backing into it, it got rear ended so we had to bring it back to get fixed again. The turn around time was very quick! If our cars ever need body work done, this is the place we bring them to.

Allan H.
San Francisco, CA

Great service and excellent work! Very cordial and helpful. Work was finished and in a very timely manner. When I got my car back it was detailed to show room standards. It was like getting a new car back. Very happy with their work and customer service. I highly recommend!

Tommy M.
San Francisco, CA

My car was hit by a teen driver, who was busy texting while driving. Fortunately, I saw him and was able to drive fast enough for him to crash into the back panel and bumper only. My father-in-law told my husband and me to use Accurate Auto Body because of their excellent work. They accommodated us with changing the appointments a few times due to unforeseen circumstances. Besides doing a great job on my car, they washed and vacuumed the interior. I couldn’t recognize it. I also noticed they buffed out a minor scratch across both doors. Totally recommend them!

June L.
San Francisco, CA

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